The custom-made tuxedo, also commonly known as the dinner suit is a Casely-Hayford signature. Our black tie suits are crafted with passion and precision. Due to the subtle nuances and codes of this particular style, our tailors understand that each garment we cut must respect its classical roots whilst also looking to the future – our founder Joe Casely-Hayford called it ‘Innovation through Tradition’.

Whether opting for a wedding tuxedo or dinner suit for a formal evening event, visit us at our London store for a consultation.


With their simple design and sharp silhouette, formal suits will always be the most sophisticated and elevated item in a gentleman’s wardrobe. The original and most formal style of the dinner jacket is the single-breasted, traditionally cut with only one button  enabling the front to finish with a deep “V” opening enhancing the wearer’s silhouette. Because the single-breasted model is often worn unbuttoned, it generally requires that the trousers are cut high, covered by a cummerbund or worn with a waistcoat – however these are merely guidelines and our primary focus is to tailor to each garment to your request whilst advising on what will ultimately be most flattering.

The double-breasted jacket has also become accepted as a stylish alternative to the single, completed most traditionally with six buttons but also sometimes with four. Our signature peaked lapel and shawl collar finishes assure refinement and elegance from a custom Casely-Hayford dinner suit.




Begin the process by booking an appointment at our Chiltern street store in London for an initial consultation where we discuss style, fit and fabric. Before we start the design process for your men’s bespoke or made to measure tuxedo, it can be helpful (but not essential) to collate some research imagery that resonates with you. To ensure a perfect fit, we take up to 40 measurements and cut an individual pattern exclusively for you. This pattern is then retained for all your future orders.

For a Casely-Hayford men’s custom dinner suit we offer three levels of construction at varying price points – made to measure, semi bespoke and bespoke dinner suits. There are also three styles of suit most commonly associated with black tie attire that provide some guidelines to work within – the classic dinner suit, the smoking jacket and the jacquard (patterned) tuxedo. During our one-hour appointment we have on offer a wide selection of 3000 cloths to choose from, sourced from the finest UK, Italian and Japanese mills. As details are firmed up we begin the make process.


The most traditional of the three options, a classic made to measure, or bespoke men’s tuxedo will always elevate it wearer and is the perfect outfit to transition from day to night for any wedding and a great wardrobe investment for formal events. Most commonly cut from a luxurious English black or midnight blue (a blue that is so dark it usually looks deeper than black under the light) barathea, the dinner jacket is generally finished with a contrast black facing on the lapel in a smooth silk – an understated alternative to this is  grosgrain silk (dulled ribbed texture) favoured by more traditional clients. Whilst silk has a mature shine, grosgrain offers a matte finish that still contrasts elegantly with cloths ranging from classic wool barathea to a warm-weather mohair blend.

The dinner jacket is the foundation of your black-tie attire and will set the tone for the formality and individuality of your look through subtle detailing and cloth choice.


Bold patterned dinner jackets are a Casely-Hayford signature generally cut from sumptuous blends of wool and silk.  A modern alternative to the traditional black barathea, jacquard tuxedo jackets offer a celebratory statement primarily befitting of grooms. Our tailors will work closely with you to determine colours and sophisticated patterns that complement the wearer’s chosen environment perfectly. Unlike traditional custom tuxedo options, jacquard jackets often do not require silk facings as their differentiation is determined through the unique fabric chosen for the body. However, if you do opt for silk facings on the lapels, black is generally the most fitting colour as it pairs perfectly with a black silk bow tie. The jacquard jacket is almost always worn with a black barathea trouser to sober the look and to let the jacket elevate its wearer in the most sophisticated manner.


Possibly the most debonair option of the three styles, the smoking jacket is synonymous with true elegance and is often defined by its fabric, cut from plush velvet that adds rich deep texture as well as gravitas to any look.

The most traditional colours for classic smoking jackets are midnight blue, black, burgundy and wine. However, at Casely-Hayford we also offer an array of colours to suit any event.

Classically the style features a shawl or peak lapel in the same fabric as the jacket, but a modern alternative reserved primarily for darker velvets is often stylishly realised through a contrast black silk facing on the lapel.

As with the jacquard tuxedo option, smoking jackets are generally paired with a black barathea trouser to sober the look and allow the jacket to excel.


Scrupulous attention to detail, exclusive fabric and exquisite craftsmanship are the hallmarks of a Casely-Hayford dinner suit. The made to measure men’s dinner suit process generally takes 7 to 8 weeks and the semi-bespoke and bespoke men’s tuxedo suit process take around 8 – 10 weeks to be tailored to your specifications.

If you are short on time please do email or give us a call and we will always be as accommodating as possible. For more details or to book an appointment please contact us at our London Chiltern Street store.

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