A well-made men’s tailored business suit is the ultimate body armour within the working environment, reflecting professionalism, style, and self-assurance. Our aim with each client is to instil confidence and comfort through your suit for those important meetings. With a myriad of suits in the workplace, we strive to cut a silhouette that catches the eye without needing to shout.


It is our focus on detail that truly makes each Casely-Hayford suit one of distinction. Our made to measure and bespoke business suits provide the best of classical values combined with a modern outlook – precision cut tailoring that honours traditional craftsmanship.




Begin the process by booking an appointment at our Chiltern street store in London for an initial consultation where we discuss style, fit and fabric. For a Casely-Hayford men’s custom business suit we offer three levels of construction at varying price points – made to measure, semi bespoke and bespoke business suits.

There are also two styles of suit most commonly associated with business attire that provide some guidelines to work within – the single-breasted notch or peak lapel suit generally finished with two buttons at the front, or the double-breasted six button suit complete with peak lapel.

During our one-hour appointment we have on offer a wide selection of 3000 cloths to choose from, sourced from the finest UK, Italian and Japanese mills. As details are firmed up we begin the make process.


When opting for a men’s custom business suit at Casely-Hayford. made to measure is our entry level construction tailored with precision to your unique measurements (discover more about this process by clicking here). Our tailored suits are cut to give you both confidence and comfort and the process is a close collaboration between you and your tailor.

Whilst Bespoke men’s business suits are our top level of finish (see our bespoke page for more information), where each garment is fully-handmade and cut using a unique pattern, our semi-bespoke service sits comfortably in between the two tiers.


The Casely-Hayford house cut is defined by a sloping shoulder accented with a rope, full chest and waisted silhouette. Our suits are cut to specifically flatten and enhance and known most commonly as the modern English cut.

Characteristic features include a high armhole with fullness through the sleevehead, soft shoulders with minimal padding and a focus on clean lines.

Whilst we have maintained a House cut, originally designed by our founder Joe Casely-Hayford OBE, since the brand’s inception, foremost at Casely-Hayford we strive with each client to sculpt and mould beautiful cloth to best complement your figure and this collaboration between client and tailor will often guide each unique tailoring journey.


We fully understand the daily stress placed on a work suit and the need for it to endure consistent travel and be both heavy-wearing yet agile. We have 100s of carefully chosen cloths that perform under pressure whilst reflecting style and professionalism.

We have hand-picked high twist yarns that are breathable, anti-crease, mid weight cloths designed to work all year round and hold their shape with options for every business environment.

At Casely-Hayford our goal is to find the most suitable cloth for your working day whilst always reflecting your personal style. Whether that’s a plain, check, stripe, herringbone, birdseye or textured fabric, book an appointment to discover more.


A well-made business suit is an essential part of every working man’s wardrobe often perceived as a statement of intent, it will always instil comfort and confidence.

The made to measure men’s business suit process generally takes 7 to 8 weeks and the semi-bespoke and bespoke men’s business suit process take around 8 – 10 weeks to be tailored to your specifications.

If you are short on time please do email or give us a call and we will always be as accommodating as possible. For more details or to book an appointment please contact us at our London Chiltern Street store.

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