Entirely cut and made by hand in our London atelier, our men’s bespoke suit process provides limitless possibilities. We cut each garment to your exact specifications. Every suit is drafted from a paper pattern allowing us to create and innovate in making you a tailor-made garment that is free from limitations of a pre-determined block, cut or style – we pride ourselves on providing expert guidance in terms of styling, fit and cloth to best suit each client’s needs, with a focus on a warm and insightful service. The Casely-Hayford bespoke experience is about creating garments that are truly representative of each individual client and their identity.


Men’s bespoke suiting is our highest level of construction. Each piece is crafted with a focus on artisanal techniques, employed for centuries by the best hand tailors. The chest and lapel padding can take half a day of handwork alone. Each hand made suit is constructed with a fully floating hair canvas that runs underneath the external layer of the suit. The canvassing acts like a second skin allowing the suit to mould to your body, giving it structure, beautiful shape, drape and form.

We specialise in perfectly tailored wedding suits, occasion wear, business suits and dinner suits. We also uniquely offer more directional fashion suiting for those that so require it combining nuances from our runway shows with custom detailing.




At Casely-Hayford we begin the men’s bespoke suit process by understanding your needs and individual style, guiding you through any uncertainties. Our intention is always to reflect your characteristics in every aspect of the cut and design of your suit.

After establishing how and when your suit will we be worn, deciding the style elements of your suit soon follows – we make sure to guide you through each and every step as you select your fabric, trims, and styling.

An in-depth set of measurements are taken, and body figurations and posture considered as we work to accentuate your best features and reflect your individual style. Our 3000 cloths are exclusively hand selected from the finest UK, Italian and Japanese mills. Details such as lapel style, shoulder construction down to stitch count can be determined as this stage. This generally takes one hour.



Once the final measurements have been taken and details finalised, we begin the cutting process.

Your measures, posture and figuration move from notebook to pattern as the Casely-Hayford pattern cutting team create a template to cut your fabric. Your own paper pattern will be hand drawn and cut and refined through the fitting process.

This will then be transferred to your chosen cloth and crafted and sewn by hand ready for your first basted (loosely sewn together) suit fitting. We will then keep your paper pattern with all updates on record to use for subsequent orders. 


 During this initial fitting a few weeks after your consultation you will try on the ‘skeleton’ of your bespoke suit for the first time. It is not yet fully constructed at this stage. Instead, it is basted together to allow us to mould the suit to you before it is completed.

We will then pin, chalk and take notes for any necessary improvements from a technical perspective but also invite collaboration to make sure we are achieving the silhouette and fit that you desire.

Any changes are then recorded on your paper pattern. The garment is then completely taken apart (known as ‘ripped down’) and re-cut ready for your next fitting.



Following on a few weeks after your basted fitting will be two or three more fittings, re-working the garment and sculpting the suit on the body to achieve the perfect fit and desired look. The bespoke suit is then recut with these adjustments and sewn by hand. With each adjustment to the suit we update your paper pattern, ready for your next commission.


The look and feel of a men’s bespoke suit is unmatched by any machine-made garment and denotes the highest level of menswear. Our jackets are made with a full floating canvas, hand padded chest piece and lapel, to ensure that the garment holds its perfect shape and moulds to the body over time.

At Casely-Hayford we maintain the intricacies of traditional English craft and handwork, and inject these intricacies with a forward thinking modern outlook. 

In this final stage the bespoke process is completed by an expert presser who meticulously moulds and shapes the garment into its final form using steam and pressure. Your finished garment is now ready for a final fitting to carefully check the fit, silhouette and ensure everything is perfect before being ready to take to it’s new home.


The Casely-Hayford bespoke process usually takes 8 – 10 weeks and is available from our London Chiltern Street Store – so book your initial consultation today to begin the experience.

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