A more streamlined process in comparison to our semi- bespoke and hand-finished offering, the Casely-Hayford Made-To-Measure service begins with our signature House block and adapts the garment to suit each client’s specifications taking into account posture, balance and fit.

Each Casely-Hayford suit is constructed with a half-canvas crafted from horsehair running through the chest and lapel of the jacket. This ensures structure in the upper part of the garment, allowing it to drape naturally across the chest.

Our cloths are exclusively hand selected from the finest British and Italian mills. Details such as lapel style, shoulder construction down to stitch count can be determined as this stage.
Once the final measurements have been taken and details finalised, we begin the cutting process.

The simplicity of Made-To-Measure means that from start to finish the construction of a personally-tailored Casely- Hayford suit is much swifter than our semi-bespoke or hand-finished offering and can take 7-8 weeks. An initial consultation is followed by one or two fittings. Book an appointment >


Our hand finished suiting is our highest level of construction. Each garment is crafted with a focus on artisanal techniques, employed for centuries by the best hand tailors. Buttonholes are hand cut, details such as sleeve and shoulder lining, collar and melton are sewn by hand. The chest and lapel padding can take half a day of handwork alone.

Each hand finished suit is constructed with a full floating horsehair canvas that runs underneath the external wool layer of the suit. The canvas acts like a second skin allowing the suit to mould to your body, giving it structure, beautiful shape, drape and form. It runs from the shoulder to the base of the jacket.

Once the garment has been cut, the suit is loosely stitched together for a basted fitting. At this stage the garment is only partially constructed allowing for any changes to be chalked and pinned by your tailor. Once the fitting is complete, the suit will be stripped down, re-cut and tailored to its final stages.

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