How do I receive the latest news and exclusive promotions from Casely-Hayford?

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I no longer want to receive Casely-Hayford newsletters, how do I unsubscribe?

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How do I contact the Casely-Hayford Customer Team?

You can contact us either by email or phone.

Our email address is


How fast will I receive a reply to my enquiry?

We reply to queries within 24hrs, Monday to Friday excluding national holidays. Our opening hours are 10am-6:30pm.





How do I track my order?

As soon as your order is shipped you will receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number.
Click on the tracking number on this email to view your shipment’s progress. You can also log in to your account online in order to see the tracking number.


Your order status may take up to one hour to update after your order has been placed.


How long will it take for me to receive my item?

Delivery in 1-3 working days for the UK and EU

Delivery in 7 working days for countries outside of the EU

* Delivery times are estimates and commence from the date of shipping, rather than the date of order.


How much do I pay for shipping?

United Kingdom£10 / Free on orders over £150


Europe£20 / Free on orders over £250


Rest of the world – £35 / Free on orders over £250





What is your returns policy?

We offer full refunds if an unwanted item is shipped within 14 days from when it was delivered to you.

Please request your return(s) by email. We will send you a Return Form to fill out and pack the item(s) in the order box.

We cannot supply a refund for any shipping costs involved in a return unless the garment was sent to the customer faulty or damaged by us.


For further information, please contact Customer Care  +44 (0)20 7486 8881 or email


How do I cancel my order?

Before your order has been dispatched, we may be able to cancel your order. Please contact us by telephone as soon as possible after placing your order and our Customer Care Team will advise if cancellation is available.


If you have requested a cancellation after the order has been shipped, you must return for a refund instead.





Casely-Hayford Virtual Store accepts the following payment methods:

Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express; Visa Electron, Visa debit cards, Maestro enabled debit cards.
The total will be charged to your card when the order is shipped.

PayPal: Easily shop online without having to enter your credit card details on the website.

Your account will be charged once the order is completed. To register for a PayPal account, visit the website





What are Casely-Hayford opening hours for personal tailoring?

Our opening hours are 11am-7pm Monday to Saturday.


How can I make an appointment for a consultation?

To make an appointment, please complete the enquiry form here


How long does the process take?

Made-to-Measure – Between 6 and 8 weeks from the first fitting.

Bespoke – Between 12 and 14 weeks from the first fitting.

*Delivery times can vary with cloth choice and availability.


What is the difference between Made-to-Measure and Bespoke?


Made-to-Measure – Beginning as a block pattern, the suit is expertly crafted by our team of highly skilled tailors to fit the unique measurements of each individual client.Through an in-depth consultation with our tailor we offer guidance on a wide range of hand-selected fabrics, style and finishes.


Bespoke – Our bespoke suiting is our highest level of construction. Each garment is crafted with a focus on artisanal techniques, employed for centuries by the best hand tailors. Buttonholes are hand cut, details such as sleeve and shoulder lining, collar and melton are sewn by hand. The chest and lapel padding can take half a day of handwork alone




How many fittings are required?

For made-to-measure a minimum of 2 fittings is required.

For bespoke a minimum of 3 fittings is required.

Fittings take about an hour; we will guide you through all the decision that go into making your suit.


How much does it cost and what is the payment structure?

Our prices depend on the customer’s choice of fabrics, finishes and trimmings.

For more information, please contact us.


Where do you source your fabrics from?

Our fabrics are sourced from the finest mills in England and Italy.




We are always looking for creative minds; you are welcome to submit a speculative application to us by sending an email to